Helpful Links

The following are links to other organizations that might provide further support and resources. The PND Association assumes no liability for any information contained in any linked site.

Assistive Technology

Abledata National Assistive Technology Database

Alliance for Technology Access


Office of Special Ed Programs (OSEP)

A Guide to the IEP

Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI)

The Special Ed Advocate

Band-aides and Blackboards

Financial Entitlements/ Insurance

US Department of Health and Human Services Children's Health Insurance Program

SSA Benefits for Children with Disabilities

Family Voices

Medicaid Waivers (Katie Beckett)

Evaluating Managed Care Plans for children with Special Health Needs: A Purchasers Tool

Obtaining Quality Managed Care for Children with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses: A Resource and Research Guide

Disability/ Chronic Illness

The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities

Family Village

Internet Resources for Special Children

Children with Disabilities


American Academy of Pediatrics

Child Neurology

Child Neurology Society

Dopa Responsive Dystonia Central 



National Institute of Health Office of Rare Diseases

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

National Organization of Rare Diseases

National Library of Medicine

Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism


American Board of Medical Genetics

Professional Genetic Societies (Includes International Organizations)

National Society for Genetic Counselors

The Alliance for Genetic Support Groups

National Human Genome Research Institute

Gene Tests


Exceptional Parent Magazine

National Parent Network on Disabilities

Sibling Support Project


Recreation and Leisure Center, Adaptive toys Family Village

National Lekotek Center

North American Riding for the Handicapped Association

Transporting Children with Special Health Care Needs

The Air Care Alliance

National Patient Travel Helpline

Mercy Medical Airlift

National Make a Wish

Children Wish Foundation International