Welcome to the PND Association Website...

Mission Statement:
The PND Association is a non-profit, voluntary organization, dedicated to helping children and families who are affected by a disease of neurotransmitter metabolism.  The Association is committed to the identification and treatment of all neurotransmitter diseases through education, advocacy, and research.

The Association works with families, physicians, researchers and other health care professionals to promote the following:

  • Provide patients and families with information about pediatric neurotransmitter diseases.
  • Increase public awareness about pediatric neurotransmitter diseases and to act as a source of information for health care providers.
  • Establish and coordinate a communication network among affected families.
  • Promote public and private support for pediatric neurotransmitter diseases

This website is intended to provide information.  It is not intended to, nor does it, constitute medical or other advice.  Readers are warned not to take any action with regard to medical treatment or otherwise based on the information on this website without first consulting a physician.

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