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2002 Chip for Charity Fundraiser Another Huge Success!

Thank you again to Jim & Nancy Keck of Systems Programming Solutions Inc. (SPSI) and to Brad & Carolyn Hoffman (Sam's parents SSADH) for sponsoring, organizing and "fueling" the energy that goes into this incredible fundraiser.  The golf outing which began 3 years ago in honor of Sam Hoffman has not only become the largest fundraising event of the PND association it has also become one of the largest in the state of Wisconsin.

Over 300 golfers attended the outing held on Thursday, September 12th 2002.  Amongst the golfers this year were our very own researchers K. Michael Gibson PhD and Keith Hyland PhD.  Both Mike and Keith after a very long week of attending an international conference in Ireland bravely boarded a plane on September 11th to participate in the day's event.  Not only were Mike and Keith willing golfers, they both graciously addressed the ongoing questions about our diseases from the local news media and attendees.  A special note of thanks must go to Keith Hyland this year for risking his life (and his golf swing) when he jumped in front of a runaway golf cart that Sam Hoffman and Mike Gibson were posing in during a local news interview.  We are grateful to report that the news team missed the filming of this slight "catastrophe" and proceeded to present a lovely piece on Sam and PND's on the local news network.

John Speller (Board Member, PND Treasurer), Cathy Ascher, (Board member, M&S; Committee) the Speckman family, Anne Kearney and myself were also able to attend and enjoy this year's event.  In addition to a great day of golf we joined the other 350 registered participants for dinner, a silent auction, a you pick raffle and an awards ceremony.  The event was again a huge success and raised twice the amount it did the first year.

Thank you again to Brad, Carolyn, Jim, Nancy and all the volunteers at SPSI.  An additional thanks goes out to Carolyn's sister and brother in law (Susan and Don) for the tremendous amount of time and energy they put into this event.

By the way Jim and Nancy Keck are not only incredibly generous people they are also real nice!!!!  If you have a moment please send them a line to thank them for continuing to support our largest fundraiser.

Systems & Programming Solutions, Inc.
530 N. 108th Place, Suite 100
Wauwatosa, WI 53226
(414) 302-2929

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