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What Can You Do?

Testing for a PND

Presently there is no cure for inherited diseases of neurotransmitter metabolism.   For some of the diseases however, treatment can significantly reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.  Identification and proper diagnosis is imperative.

Specific testing of the blood, urine or cerebral spinal fluid is required for each individual neurotransmitter disease.  If you are a parent of an undiagnosed child or suspect he/she may have a disease of neurotransmitter metabolism please share this information with your physician.  If your physician is interested in testing your child they can receive testing information by contacting the PND Association.

Register as a member of the PND Association

If you are a family affected by a PND, are involved with a child who has a PND, or are a health care professional treating a PND, please consider joining our Association.  With your help and support the PND Association can work harder towards achieving its mission.


The PND Association is a non-profit, voluntary organization.  We are always in need of new ideas, fundraising events and enthusiastic volunteers.If you are interested in lending your support, please contact the Association.


Presently the PND Association charges no membership fees.  We do accept donations.   All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.  Donations can be mailed to the address below:

Contact the PND Association.....

           By Mail                           By Phone/Fax                     By Email

     PND Association                     516-937-0049                    [email protected]
     6 Nathan Drive
     Plainview, NY  11803


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