Medical Equipment Exchange

Parents are invited to post on this online group medical equipment availability or medical equipment needs.

Neither the PND Association nor the page monitor make any representation concerning the quality of any listing or the equipment listed.� All individuals involved in an exchange hereby hold harmless the PND Association, its board members, its officers, its employees, and its agents, from any and all liability arising from the exchange, use, or non-use of any equipment.

  1. Please ensure equipment is in a usable condition or indicate otherwise.
  2. Exchanging parents are responsible for arranging details of exchange.
  3. This online group is overseen by Anne Kearney who is the parent of two children with SSADH Deficiency. To join this group please e-mail Anne at [email protected].
  4. Absolutely no medicine exchanges. This site is provided merely as a convenience to individuals to facilitate their transactions.