PND Testing

Symptoms of pediatric neurotransmitter diseases can be non-specific and diagnosis may be difficult.

It is recommended that if a child has broad spectrum neurological symptoms with no known etiology testing for a PND should be considered.

Many children who have been diagnosed with pediatric neurotransmitter disease had other initial diagnoses.

Typically these children had no further evidence of other brain abnormalities and CAT Scans and MRI’s of the brain were normal.

Presently there is no cure for PND's.  For some of the diseases however, treatment can significantly reduce symptons and improve quality of life.

Identifications and proper diagnosis is imperative.

For specific information about testing please refer to Dopamine Related Diseases.

J.J. Speller PND Testing Fund

John James (J.J.) Speller, son of PND Association founders John & Nancy Speller died on June 28th 2005 at the age of 15 from complications of his underlying neurotransmitter disease.

In honor of the unique role that J.J. has played in the creation of the PND Association, the J.J. Speller PND Testing Fund was established.

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