The PND association is a voluntary non profit organization. Your generous support and participation are critical to our ability to serve the PND community.

Getting involved is empowering and provides an opportunity for you to contribute to the PND's quest for a cure and commitment to being a voice for our affected children and families.

There are many ways to help and we hope you consider these options:

Newly diagnosed

Learning your child is ill is extremely difficult and the path to finding out what he/she has may have been a long process.

Learn about the help and resources available for PND.

After diagnosis

Once the idea of a diagnosis sinks in parents/caregivers typically begin to think about how they can best care for their child. Learn how to begin.

Support groups

The PND online email support groups are registered under Yahoo groups and are restricted groups for registered family members of the PND Association.

Family Registry

Register with the PND Association, and become part of our PND family.

Physician Registry

Registration for Physicians with the PND Association.