The PND Association is a volunteer non profit organization. We are supported by the many generous people who have offered unique ways to raise money. Below is a list of the different fundraising ideas that people have used to assist with our mission:

  1. Sporting Events-golf outings, walk-a-thons, school games, bowling for dollars, dance event
  2. Auctions-at home/event, or over the internet
  3. Block Party/BBQ-do a raffle for a prize or extra collected money from neighbors can be donated
  4. Dinner Dance/Cocktail Party-great way to get people together for a fun eveining. In lieu of bringing a gift to the host designate a donation.
  5. Holiday Parties-in lieu of gifts to each other, donations can be designated to the association.
  6. Garage/Yard Sales
  7. Home Sales Marketing Parties-i.e. Mary K, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc.
  8. Massage-a-thon
  9. Office/Employee Group or Committee- bake sales, fundraisers
  10. Religious Celebrations-communions, bar mitzvahs, donations in lieu of gifts.
  11. Penny Drive-collect pennies, kids love this one.
  12. Wedding Favors-in lieu of gifts.

Matching Gifts

Your Gift Can Mean Twice as Much! You may be able to double the amounts of your recent and future gifts to the PND Association if you work for a company that has an employee matching gift program. To Make Your Match, simply obtain a form from your company and send it to the PND association.

Your company's Matching Gift Coordinator can also answer any questions you may have about this program.

IT'S POSSIBLE that your company has a matching gift program even if you haven't heard about it. Why not ask? IT'S AS EASY AS IT SOUNDS, so make your gift double by taking advantage of your company's Matching Gift Program today.

Donations in Memory of Someone Special

Donations can be made in memory of a child, family member, friend or someone special to you. The association will send a personalized letter to whomever you choose, notifying them of your gift.